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The weird questions TAG

Written by Celine

5 augustus 2016

Weirdquestions Tag

Today an amazing TAG again. Too be honest, I didn’t know the name of this tag, so I made my own name. In this tag there are nice and original questions, enjoy!

Where were you three hours ago?

Three hours ago I was on the same place as I am right now. On the bench with my laptop to write some blogs.

Did you ever eat chalk?

I don’t think I ever eat chalk and so yes.. I don’t think I liked it.

Is a pink item close to you?

My phone has a pink phone case. So yes, that’s a pink item!

When were you in the city?

I was in the city to buy some nice summer clothes for the holidays. I bought new shoes there and way more. I love sale so much!

Do you were socks at the moment?

No, I don’t wear socks at the moment. It’s way too hot and I don’t need them fortunately. For the winter I want to buy a couple of cute socks, I prefer cute lace socks at the top. Tips are welcome!

When were you outside of the city?

I went to a bloggers meeting the last time I went outside of the city. This was with the  Sisterhood of Bloggers and it was really nice. More about this can you read in the article above.


Did you go to the cinema five days ago?

Too be honest, I never go to the cinema. I think this is a waste of money when I can watch these movies at home on my tv as well. You only go to the cinema to watch this movie as the first one, but I can wait for the movie as well.

What was the last thing you drank?

Arizona! I love Arizona so much. So nice and they are available in different tastes as well.

What do you wear at the moment?

I wear black pants and a black tanktop right now. Just easy, because I only went to the city. When I walked in the city I wore a jacket as well.

Do you wash the car? Or do you let someone else wash it?

I don’t have a car yet, but when I have a car I would wash it myself. Only a bucket with some soap and let’s wash. I don’t see myself driving through a wash center. Imagine, that a wash center collapses.

What was the last thing you ate?

The last thing I ate was ice cream from the Ikea.. Hmm..

Where were you on this time?

The last time I’m just inside my house behind my laptop writing blogs. I’m always gaming in my house as well and then in the evening I go hunt some pokemons. I go out shopping a lot as well or do other things with my friends.

Did you buy clothes this week?

Yes! I bought clothes this week. I’ve bought these pants and top and some beautiful pair of shoes. At the moment you read this, it is probably a bit later.


When was the last time you ran?

Damn I need to think about that for a long time. I think the last time I ran was with Pokemon Go. I wouldn’t run out of myself, but Pokemon Go is an exception.

What’s your favourite animal?

My favourite animal is a cow. No, I don’t need them in my life, but on the video games they are really nice and handy. Don’t judge!

What’s the last sport program you watched?

Sport.. I don’t sport and when I sport I dance. I don’t watch sport programs sorry!

What’s your dream holiday?

My dream holiday is to visit all the beautiful and far countries, where I never been. Think about Dubai, Australia, everywhere where it is safe.

Last performance you saw?

The last performance I saw was the 5SOS concert in the Ziggodome.

What are your plans for tonight?

Tonight I’m going to write forward some blogs. I really like this and I’ve started already, I takes a while until I finish an article, because I need to translate all the articles into English as welll. I hope I can plan in two articles today.

Who is the last person you spoke to on Myspace/Facebook?

The last person I spoke to on Facebook is Fabian. Just a simple blog subject and nothing else. I’m not often very active on Facebook and only when it is about blog subjects.

Ever been to a barber?

Of course I’ve been to a barber! I would like to know who haven’t been to a barber before. I don’t go often to a barber. I think two times a year, but my hair still looks pretty good. I’m often a bit scared that the barber cuts too much of my hair and that he doesn’t give the right length.

Were you a modelstudent?

A modelstudent is a perfect student I think? I’m not a student who disrespects teachers or who doesn’t make her homework.

What do you know about the future?

I know that I want to stay blogging for very long. I know I maybe want to study something in the direction of journalistic as well or something else what has something to do with writing. I hope I get the opportunity for this! I’m now doing my 5VWO.

Do you wear parfum at the moment?

No, I don’t wear parfum at the moment. I never really wear parfum, only for special occasions.


Are you tanned from the sun at the moment?

Yes, finally! I never get often tanned, but this is an exception! I was pretty burned, but now I’m tanned.

Where do you listen to at the moment?

I don’t listen to something. I never listen to music while I blog, then I only get distracted.

Do you gather something?

I gather Pokemons.. Although, if that counts. It’s so nice to gather all those fun creatures and when I get strong then I can finally battle with my pokemons, can’t wait!

Last time you got stopped my a police officer? Or get stopped at the side of the road?

I never got stopped by a police officer. I’m very well-behaved. 🙂

Ever drank soda out of a straw?

Always! I don’t drink soda often, but when I drink soda, then I use a straw most of the time.

What does your last text say?

That my brother has sent 250mb to himself.

Do you love hot sauce?

No, totally not. I don’t understand how people can eat hot sauce. Then you don’t taste your food anymore right?

What’s your origin?

I’m from Holland 100%!

Are you rich?

No, I’m not rich, but I don’t live on a wrong way.

What did you do last night at 12?

Ehh, sleeping I think?

Damn what a long tag. I hope you liked reading it, see you next time. 🙂

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