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New products against the dry skin | Styletone

Written by Celine

13 februari 2017

This Styletone was really a surprise. I didn’t know for sure if I would receive this Styletone, but I did! Again I am very satisfied with this Styletone. Curious what is in this Styletone?

The third Styletone

These are the five products. At first sight I was a bit disappointed because of this Styletone, but I was wrong. This Styletone contains products I can use for my daily make-up use. I only miss a foundation and then I am completed, haha.

Coffee scrub

I am super enthusiastic about this coffee scrub. Because of the cold days my skin is dryer than normal. This is really annoying when I use makeup and that’s why this scrub is amazing. I am definitely going to use this scrub tonight!

Nacomi is a beauty company that produces for people with allergies and those who just appreciate a healthy lifestyle. This body scrub is made of coffee and 100% vegan. This body scrub makes your skin way softer. Cellulite stretch marks and dry skin? These words are forever a thing of the past when you use this product. After 5-10 minutes your face looks gorgeous again.

I am still busy with my eyes and also my eyeshadow. I am not very enthusiastic about this colour, because I love black more. I am very curious how this eye pencil will look on me.

This colour will look great on you no matter what your eye colour is. And did you know that green, purple and blue are the main trend colours for this season? This supreme eyeliner from Lord & Berry can easily be blended to achieve an expressive look. Draw a line, doesn’t matter if it’s not straight and blend it with a brush. This eye pencil is perfect to create a smoky look. This eye pencil is also waterproof!

I am not very enthusiastic for this colour. I love dark colours more and I hear a lot of people saying that these colours suit me way better. You would think that this is a pretty dark colour, but on my lips it looks light pink. It look like I have no lips anymore.

These priming lip wands are the perfect lip products. This month I have received Joie, a colour with a stronger purple undertone. Not only does it have the ability to make your thin lips resample those of a certain reality TV star, but it also flatters every skin tone!  No need for a lip primer anymore, with this product. You can also use this lip wand as a lip liner.

The eye pencil looks a bit black on the first sight, but if you look good then it looks a bit like a green undertone. The colour of the lipstick looks very pretty on this swatch, but on my lips it looks really ugly unfortunately. In a review I will tell more about it.

I am so happy with this primer. I was searching for a long time to a primer which you can put under your mascara, but which you can also apply in the evening. This primer is perfect for that. I hope that it will make my lashes stronger.

Most products work way better when applied over a primer. This product is your first step for a perfect mascara application. It lengthens your lashes and conditions them. It also makes your mascara way more easy to remove. This lash primer can also be worn by itself at night as a conditioner. First apply 1 coat and wait 30 seconds, than apply your mascara as you usually would.

Contouring is not really the thing I love. Actually because it takes so long and I just don’t have the patience for that. With this cream you can contour super fast so I am super curious to this!

The contouring trend has been flying around in the beauty world for a while now thanks to Instagram. The concept is easy. But in practice, contouring can be a little challenging. No worries, strobing is likely more your speed. This strobe cream can be worn under foundation, but also without foundation. You can also use this cream as a primer. Also important: this strobe cream suits all skin tones.

Which product is your fave?  


I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. Sharing my beauty and fashion tips was always something I loved to do. Go to my about me page to get to know me.

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