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Zaful bikini wishlist 2019 | Cheap bikinis!

I really can’t wait for the summer… Great drinks, beautiful weather and of course the best outfits you can wear. Of course, you can’t go through the summer without some nice bikinis. I often buy my bikinis at Zaful, a website that sells very cheap clothing and bikinis. Curious about my Zaful bikini wishlist 2019? Then read this blog!

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

Red bikini

The first bikini is this beautiful red bikini. I often hear that red suits me very well and that is why I really want this bikini. I have previously bought a bikini with a knot in the middle and this model looks great too. Of course, it is always a matter of guessing which model will suit you, but luckily you can guess with these extremely cheap bikinis. You can buy this red bikini here.

Blue bikini

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

A blue bikini really fits everyone. This bikini also has adjustable straps, which is, of course, a big advantage. With bikinis, I often find that the straps are too long, but that will not be the case with this bikini. This bikini only costs 15 euros and so definitely worth it! You can buy this blue bikini here.

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019 > Sunflower bikini

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

How beautiful is this bikini? And it is also on sale. I am really in love with this bikini and I will probably buy it so that I can write a review about it. The back of the bikini is also really beautiful, but you have to watch out for tan lines. You can buy this bikini here.

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Dark bikini

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

This bikini is a bit darker and it has a very special model. These straps are also adjustable and the combination with the pants is really beautiful. You can buy this bikini here.

Orange bikini

An orange bikini is of course completely in, but how nice are those pieces of fruit on this bikini? This bikini has the same model as the third bikini I showed. And it is already one of my favorites! You can buy this bikini here.

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019 > White bikini

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

Like I said before, button bikinis are really one of my favorites. They are great and it just looks really nice. Believe me or not, but I don’t have a white bikini top at all. This is why I would like to buy this in combination with the pants. You can buy this bikini here.

White bikini top with black pants

Zaful bikini wishlist 2019

Yes .. I know .. Another knot bikini. They are just my favorite models and I really can’t live without them anymore. For anyone who doesn’t yet have such a bikini, it is definitely recommended to try it out! You can buy this bikini here.

What do you think of this Zaful bikini wishlist 2019? Which bikini is your favorite?


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