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Yes, there is also a person behind a blog

I notice a lot that bloggers don’t support each other anymore. Somehow I understand that we support each other less, but it goes too far when you try to put others down. Some don’t understand that there is also a person behind a blog.

Yes, also bloggers can get hurt. I don’t understand why people try to put others down. Some even send painful messages via Facebook with anonymous accounts! I haven’t received these messages, fortunately, but I hear a lot of stories about this. Some people just don’t understand that there is also a person behind a blog, who can also get hurt.

What an uninteresting article. I don’t understand why you blog.

Some will just ignore it and just don’t care that much, but when your blog is really your passion, it is just not nice to hear. Some won’t get hurt by this, but others seriously get hurt by this. Do you want to achieve that with your message?

I think we have to support each other. For example, I am in an amazing blog group where we just help each other. No, we aren’t concurrences and no, we don’t hurt each other. It is just useless to hurt each other. I mean, what do you achieve with that?

It is just nice to help each other and to help each other grow, right? I think you can achieve way more with that than someone who just thinks of himself.

You just need to be vigilant with each other. It is not that hard. Just help each other. I don’t say you have to put much time in this, but when someone asks for help then it is just a little effort to help.

Do you help an other blogger sometimes?  

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