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Yellow jumpsuit from Bershka | Outfit

A while ago I went shopping and then I came across this gorgeous yellow jumpsuit. This yellow jumpsuit is perfect for the beautiful weather or when the weather is just not good enough for shorts. I am totally in love with this jumpsuit and it was definitely worth it.

Yellow jumpsuit

This is the yellow jumpsuit I am talking about. The jumpsuit has a really beautiful color and it is really perfect for the Summer. The jumpsuit has vertical stripes, what makes me a bit taller. Horizontal stripes make me broader and that’s what I don’t want of course. That’s why you always have to choose for vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes.

Gele jumpsuit

You can combine this jumpsuit pretty easily. I have worn these grey Nike shoes with my jumpsuit, but you can also combine the jumpsuit with white sneakers or a couple of nice heels.

Definitely, I am not the tallest person you know, but this jumpsuit is really perfect. I am 165 cm and the length is perfect for my length. If you are longer or shorter than I am, then I definitely recommend fitting the jumpsuit in the store if you want to buy it.

Yellow jumpsuit

There is only one disadvantage to this jumpsuit and that is the inside. The outside of the jumpsuit is very soft, but at the inside, close to my taille, is a little wire, which really irritates my skin. I have solved this by wearing a little crop top under the jumpsuit. I don’t recommend wearing a longer top, because you can see this through the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit costs 18 euros and that’s actually pretty cheap for a jumpsuit. That’s why I am super happy with this jumpsuit from Bershka. It is definitely a big recommendation to buy this jumpsuit.

What do you think of this jumpsuit? 


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