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Yellow bikini of Shein | Is this a waste of money?

Summer is coming soon and that means we have to score new bikinis again. I love bargains and that is the reason why I went looking for the nicest and cheapest bikinis. This time I review a yellow bikini from Shein. Want to know more? Then read this blog!

Yellow bikini of Shein

Yellow bikini of Shein

How nice is this bikini? I bought this bikini in size S, a size that I also normally have. However, people always warn you to take a size up when you shop on “Chinese” websites. I actually have another tip: look at the reviews of other people. And no, then I don’t mean the reviews of blogs (although those can be very handy!), but below the products of Shein and Zaful are some reviews of people who have bought the products. These buyers also talk about the size and that’s how you know which size you need to buy or if you need to avoid the product at all costs.

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The bikini fits almost perfectly. The top is slightly tighter than I normally have, but that is not a problem. The bottoms also fit perfectly!

Yellow bikini of SheinYellow bikini of Shein

The bikini is of very good quality. It is sturdy, will not fall off quickly and fits perfectly. A big disadvantage of this bikini is that you see the pads very clearly. The pictures below do not necessarily show that, but when I look closely, I see two rounds of the pads. That’s why I’m going to take the pads out and then see what the bikini looks like. On the side of the top, you have two small openings through which you can easily remove the pads.

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Try on

Yellow bikini of Shein

This is what the top looks like when I am wearing it. It is really a great top and the color is really nice. As I said before, the only drawback to this top is that the pads are visible. This is why I am going to take them out so that the pads are no longer visible.

Price & Delivery

Yellow bikini of Shein

The shipping was actually super fast! The products of Shein just get send from Belgium and since I live in Holland, I received the products very fast. Of course, I can’t say how that would be for other people who live in other countries, but for me, the shipping and delivery were really fast!

This bikini costs only 12 euros, which is really a bargain! Besides that, you will get three euros discount on your first order. If you have never ordered something from Shein, then this bikini will only cost you 9 euros! This bikini is definitely a recommendation and I am definitely going to order some more bikinis at Shein.

What do you think of this yellow bikini of Shein?


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