Writing review, easy or not?


Writing reviews, that’s my daily job. I’m probably not the only one who writes reviews (hell no!), but I hear different opinions about writing reviews. Alot of people don’t trust the reviews of beautbloggers (why write a reviews, when you aren’t honest?) and some think that you don’t need to spend time for that. Just writing a reviews, that’s only writing your opinion right?

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about the bloggers preconceptions every blogger heard. This article came more out of frustration, but I saw alot of bloggers who dealed with these preconceptions too. A couple of says ago I saw it on twitter, ‘writing a reviews is super easy’. but why does it take so long? Why do bloggers spend so much time in this? Well, I’m going to explain that to you.

  • Sometimes, I receive products from accompanies to write a review about it. They expect me to write the article as fast as possible and that it comes online as fast as possible, I understand that ofcourse, if I had a company then I wanted it to come online as fast as possible too. But company please, try to send the products directly and when it is sent then take care of it to be actually delivered aswell.  I post weekly on Monday and Wednesday a review and I plan my time like that so I have two reviews ready for the two days. When a company comes with the announcement that the delivery went wrong and that I need to wait another week, then well, then it doesn’t work.
  • What about pictures? I need to make these pictures in day light. I don’t like to make pictures on a rainy day, because then it is also a little bit dark outside. Then the pictures are less pretty than I hoped it to be. Quality comes first, right?
  • Now about writing the actually review. For this you need to review the product from all different sides. The box, the inside, the quality, the price etc. This isn’t done in just three seconds, that takes alot of more time.

Is it now clear why writing a review isn’t easy? This takes alot of time and it is pretty difficult to review the products from all the different sides.

What do you think, is writing a review easy or not?


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