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Without blogging I wasn’t the person I am now

All choices which you have made in your life, are a big part of who you are now. More than two years ago I decided to blog and it made my life so much better. I only see the advantages of blogging and it really is a big part of who I am now.

A part of my life

Blogging really became a part of my life. I blog every day and it makes me better every day. I became way more productive and I just handle things way faster. Of course I have learnt to write better, but there are so many more advantages. I am surrounded by super sweet and nice people which I have met in a blogging group. I have become more ambitious. I write way more because of a new project what is coming. I am so busy with writing and I love it.

Zonder bloggen

I also became more self-confident. I know where I stand for and what I want to achieve in my life. A study what is waiting for me and I know what master I want to do. Because of these goals I get way more motivation to do what I do now. Journalism is one of the biggest goals I want to achieve. I want to start with this study so bad and that is actually my motivation to do the best I can on the high school.

It became a part of my life

It is so beautiful how a little choice can do so much with your life. That’s why you need to think about the choices you make. Don’t make choices too fast. This choice influenced me on a positive way, but other choices can make me worse. A choice is not just a choice. A choice is a well thought out point. The choice to blog is the best choice I have made. A choice what is not going to leave my life for a long time now.

How did blogging influence your life? 


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