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Winter tip! Cheap scarves and caps

Everyone needs a scarf or a nice cap in the winter. It is always pretty cold where I live and everyone needs a scarf and a cap here. I love caps with a nice dot on top of it and I also love scarves a lot. A while ago I’ve bought a very cheap scarf and a very nice cap and I am definitely happy with it.



I think the scarf is so amazing. It has nice ruffles at the bottom and also a couple of beautiful colors. The neutral colors suit perfectly with my jacket and I can combine the scarf with everything. The nice thing about this scarf is that it was only 6 euros. It is super soft and also very long. This way you can put it around your neck a couple of times, so you definitely can’t get cold.


I think this cap is so nice. It has a beautiful color and I really like that dot. Besides that, the fabric is pretty thick and it keeps you warm. Unfortunately, I can never wear caps comfortable, because the caps are always so tight and after wearing the cap my hair looks like shit as well. Still, I think a cap is amazing to wear. This cap only costs 3 euros and even less.

Cheaps caps and scarves

Now it is the question of course where I got my cheap scarves and caps. Well, the answer is simple, from the Primark and H&M. At the Primark and H&M, you have so many nice bargains and I especially like the accessories. Most of the time I don’t buy my clothes at the Primark, with exception of a very nice jacket I saw a couple of weeks ago. Still, I buy my pajamas and accessories there. The scarves are around six to ten euros and the caps are one to four euros. Super cheap and they are very nice as well!

Goedkope sjaals en mutsenscarves

I am very happy with this nice scarf and cap and especially for the nice price. It keeps me super warm and I don’t have to pay a gigantic price for a nice scarf. By saving money like this, I can buy some other nice things ;).

What do you think of this scarf and cap? 

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