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Why I started blogging

I am a blogger for over three years. It started as a little hobby and I expected I wouldn’t spend much time in this. On a certain moment, I wanted to improve my blog more and let it grow even more. Why did I even started blogging and why did I never stop? You read that in this blog!


When I was young, I really loved writing. I wrote stories on Wattpad or just in a notebook. Also, I had a Youtube channel when I was young and I’ve made a lot of videos. I have deleted these videos, so don’t even try to search for these videos haha.


On a certain moment, I read on a forum that someone was searching for someone who wanted to blog with her. This sounded amazing to me and we immediately started blogging. After a while, I only figured out that I did a lot more and I think it is pretty hard to cooperate with someone. After a couple of months, I decided to start a blog on my one. My blog got a huge makeover and I started to blog more seriously.

I also got a lot more collaborations and companies really started to be interested in my blog. Then the problem came that I could barely change anything to my blog because I had my blog on Blogspot. This is why I switched to WordPress and then my blog started to grow even more.

Every day I enjoy blogging even more and I love to see the results I get from my blog posts. All those sweet comments en the nice people I meet is really the fun side of blogging. Still, I am very happy I started blogging and I won’t change that.

Why did you start blogging? 


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