Why I don’t get the use of some make-up products

Bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner. There are even more make-up products where I don’t get the use of. Don’t understand me wrong, I wear these make-up products often too, but I just don’t get the use of it. I think that a lot of girls can recognize themself in me. Are you clumsy? Then you will understand me totally.


I sometimes question myself, why do we like those brown shadows on our skin? For me it is difficult enough to find a bronzer in the right color (see: I’ve never found one). I never use bronzer, but why not? Bronzer is for me a kind of a nightmare. Or I apply too much bronzer or I apply too less bronzer. I can never, but then actually never find a way between. I already gave up searching for the perfect bronzer, because I don’t need one. I don’t need the perfect jawline and does it actually make me more beautiful? No. I am a beautyblogger of course, but I still agree with the fact that wearing less or no make-up still gives the most beautiful effect. For some girls bronzer looks so beautiful, but I don’t need brown stripe on my jawline.



A while ago I wrote about five clumsy make-up moment which you experienced before. In this article I write about, I slip with my eyeliner atleast once a day. Does you hand shake a little? Then you immediately slip. I use eyeliner really every day, but I still don’t understand why I wear it. What does that black line matter above your eye? Most of the time it is not even straight and then it looks like you are cross-eyed. So much effort for just a dumb black stripe.. The only thing were eyeliner is good for, it let my eyes look more beautiful. Instead of me looking like a zombie, I now look like a zombie with eyeliner.


Oké, this is the product where I don’t understand the use of. Or it is just my eyes (and that could probably be it!), but I seriously only see glitter. For just one reason I never wear highlighter. Sometimes I see people with highlighter and then it is seriously spread all over his or her face. I immediately think ‘hey my fellow-sufferer, also so clumsy?’. Some girls with highlighter seriously look beautiful and then they applied it so beautiful, but sometimes I see girls who literally fell with her face in the highlighter and that is not the meaning of course. I am afraid that I will look the same with my clumsy art and I would like to prevent that.

Do you have struggles with make-up as well?


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