Why I don’t blog about one subject


I see a lot of bloggers who blog about one subject and I think that’s really good. I blog for the biggest part about beauty, but I like other things as well. Think about Fashion or Lifestyle and every Friday comes a personal article online. Why I do variation? That’s just really confusing?

Let’s talk about personal articles first. I think it’s really important to know who is behind the blog. There can be written in the sidebar who you are, but then you don’t know the person behind the blog. Some bloggers only blog about a certain subject, for example beauty. The articles are really nice to read, but a blog without personal articles don’t stick in my mind. When a person who has a really strong personality or a certain character is behind te blog, then you remember that blog right?

I can’t blog about just one subject. I hear a lot of ‘blog tip givers’ talking about that you just need too blog about one subject. This is better for your SEO and you just need a niche. It can be good for your SEO, but isn’t it important to do what you like? I think it’s amazing to blog about a lot of different things and I try to tell as much as I can and give as much information as I can. I do this, because I like it and not because it’s better for the visitors or better for your SEO.

The same story about that you blog, because you like it and not for the visitors. The same counts for the subject where you blog about right? Why would u judge someone, because he does what he likes? When someone likes to sing, but also like to be creative and paint, then he just needs to do it right? If he can combine everything and when it doesn’t get too much for him. If you don’t like a blog, because this blog writes about different subject, then you don’t have to follow this blog right? Then you don’t even need to read this blog. It’s not an obligation to read blogs and we all do this for our own pleasure. Also when someone made blogging his work, then he still does it for his pleasure. Some rules which I hear are a bit overreacting. I know it, it’s only to help people, but to read something another ten times on a blog is a bit too much.

I only try to say, that you don’t have to follow the rules all the time and you don’t have to listen to other people. Just do what you like. You only live once. 😉


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