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What have I learned from blogging?

On 7 July 2017, my blog turned three years. What did I learn from blogging for three years? Did I become another person or am I still the person who I was three years ago? I will definitely keep on blogging for a long time!

Don’t care about opinions

I get many comments and sometimes they aren’t that sweet. Fortunately, I don’t get many of these mean comments, but these mean comments have taught me to not care about opinions. These opinions only want to influence you in the thing you love the most: blogging.


You need to know my photography skills changed a lot. From under exposed pictures to pictures with a clear white background. I still have to improve a lot, but I am definitely going to do that in the holidays. I have bought a handy photography thing, what I will definitely show on my blog later. Also, my Photoshop skills changed a lot. I can hide weird spots and I can make my pictures more beautiful and clear.


Also, my writing style has changed a lot. First I couldn’t even spell. Okay, that is a bit exaggerated, but my writing style has improved a lot. Blogging also helped me a lot with school. I love to write essays and to be honest, I am the best in this. I get pretty good grades on this subject.


I have learned a lot about designs. I think it is amazing to design logo’s for other people and also help with themes. In a super nice blog group on WhatsApp, I help a lot of bloggers as well and I think this is really nice to do. Always nice to solve some problems others can’t.

What have you learned from blogging? 


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