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20 December 2017 it was finally time. I finally was allowed to open my swap and enjoy the nice gifts. On 16 December it was my birthday and I received my swap on this day. A box with super nice gifts and I immediately wanted to open these gifts, especially because it was my birthday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to open it, but it was definitely worth it! Curious about the gifts I’ve got? Then check out this post!

In the evening of 20 December, I opened my swap with Tessa. I was skyping with her. It was so hard to open the package because it contained a lot of tapes. After waiting for years, I could finally open it and I could finally start with opening my gifts.

The gifts


As you can see in the picture, it was packaged in a super nice way and on top of it laid a super nice and small card. On this card was the name of the one who got me as a swap mate. Nicole! I didn’t expect this at all and I actually first thought that Tessa had me. A day before I figured out Tessa didn’t have me and that’s why I expected that Samantha or Merle had me. I have never expected that Nicole had me.

Now about the gifts! I got a total of eight super nice gifts. At first, I saw the eyeshadow base. A while ago, I talked with Samantha that I definitely needed to buy an eyeshadow base, so this one really comes in handy!

I have put this eyebrow pencil on my wishlist myself. So this one really comes in handy.

How beautiful is this highlighter? Definitely perfect for me, because I have a very pale skin.

Also, these masks really come in handy. I always wanted to try the masks left and these masks on the right also come in handy. These masks are probably a little hint that I definitely need to use them haha.

How nice is this hat? I didn’t have a white hat and the stones are super cute.

As for last, I got a contour set and a makeup bag. I didn’t have a contour kit myself, so I am so excited to try out this one. Besides that, I really needed a small makeup bag and this bag is definitely perfect and all my card and other small makeup stuff fit perfectly in it.

Thank you very much for the gifts, Nicole. They are really perfect and definitely my taste.

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Have you ever participated in a swap?


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