What did I buy on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is seriously one of my most favorite sites to buy nice things. This site is so cheap and you can buy really nice things here. A while ago I’ve bought a couple of nice things and I definitely want to show you those.

Eyeshadow brush

As first I want to talk about this handy brush. It is a small brush, but perfect to apply eyeshadow. This brush only cost 17 cents, so that’s definitely worth it! Very soft and you can apply as much eyeshadow as you want to make a really nice look.


Besides that I’ve bought this ring. This ring only costs 10 cents, but with a discount. I don’t think I am going to wear this ring often, but it is always nice to have.


I saw this eyeshadow on Aliexpress and I was immediately in love. This eyeshadow has a lot of different colors and you can also use it as an highlighter.

This eyeshadow costs 1.75 euros and I am definitely going to write a review about this eyeshadow.

Ipad case

My iPad really needed a new Ipad case and that’s why I’ve bought this case. This is a Rose gold case with a transparant background. It is pretty strong, so perfect for a clumsy girl.

This iPad case costs only 6 euros and I can live with it for long! This color is really pretty and I am secretly in love.

Beauty blenders

Beauty blenders are always handy. I always make these sponges a bit wet and then I apply my foundation with it. These sponges are a bit smaller than normal, so that’s a bit bad. These beauty blenders cost 1.80 euros for four pieces.


Besides that I’ve bought this necklace and watch. The watch is perfect and works directly. The watch costs one euro and perfect for a simple look. The necklace costs 15 cents and I am definitely going to use it with a choker or something like that.


I’m not going to tell too much about this palette. Wednesday comes a review about this palette online. It definitely looks beautiful!

About this palette is already a review online. I’m very happy with this palette and you can definitely read that in this review. The palette costs only two euros and it is definitely worth to buy!


These chokers cost only 20 cents each! They are really nice and I am definitely going to wear them often. I’ve written a review about these chokers.

What do you think of the things I’ve bought on Aliexpress and what would you definitely buy?  


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