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A webshop which is as cheap as possible and where the makers of the rugs have a really good life. That’s Sukhi.

Sukhi makes rugs in four different countries, Morocco, India, Nepal and Turkey. In all four countries the makers of the rugs can put their passion in their job and they live under pretty good circonstances. Sukhi believes in fair trade and that’s why the makers of the rugs get more than the average salary in that state. You can also choose out of different rugs. You have, Beni Ouarain rugs, felt leaves rugs, dot rugs, felted woolen rugs, patchwork rugs, stone rugs and woolen loop rugs, a lot to choose from!


Also Sukhi orders in bulkorders. This is to keep the price as low as possible. This means that Sukhi sends rugs in parties. Also you can make your rugs on your own size. You can decide your own size and the colours, then Sukhi takes care that your rug get made on the right size. The rug fits perfect in your interior and that’s what we want right?


This dot rug  is made of 100% wool. Every dot rug exists out of a thousand dosts. On the website of Sukhi you can choose between different rugs, round ones, square ones and they are available in different coulours. Also the rugs don’t become lighter of colour, this is because Sukhi uses the best materials and the paint from the highest quality. The yarns get painted a couple of times and after weaving the rug get washed a couple of times aswell. On the website of Sukhi I see a lot of positive comments of the costumers. Good service when there are questions, amazing quality, good price and the delivery was pretty good packed.

If you can’t choose what rug you want to buy or what size you need to order, then you can easy ask the costumer service. Sukhi gives costless ideas and inspiration for you.

keuken-tapijt-ontwerper-grijs [3135404]

The fun thing about Sukhi is that you can see where your rug is made and by who. On the website of Sukhi are a couple of videos where you can see beautiful women who put their passion in their work. These women get paid pretty good and they live under good circonstances and that’s what you see. They make the rugs with a smile on their face and that’s how it needs to be everywhere.

What do you think of this webshop?

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