W7 In the buff: Lightly Toasted | Pictures, swatches and review

lightly toasted

A while ago I received this palette (read: a year!), but I’ve never wrote a review about it. I ones made a picture, but it never got to a review. This is seriously a beautiful palette, so that’s the reason why I write a review about it today.


Some girls say that the W7 palettes are dupes from the naked palettes. I never had a naked palette in my hands, so I can’t compare these palettes with eachother, but that comes later! The palette has twelve different colours, I think that’s a pretty good number for a palette. Also the box from the palette is beautiful. Unfortunately the cover of the box is lose from the palette, but yeah after a year.. When you look at the pictures, then you think I didn’t use the palette as much, but I did. I used the dark brown colours especially, these colours are great to combinate with a black eyeliner.



These are the first four colours. These colours are not amazing pigmented. I needed to go over the colour with my finger a lot, until I got a beautiful swatch on my arm. Although these colours are pretty good to highlight or to mix with other colours. Also when you want you want your make-up light, but also a bit of glitter then you can use these colours.



These colours have a big more pigment. Especially the second colour. This colour is gold, but I won’t wear it. You can use it as a little detail or a little highlighting, but for a total ooglook is this colour a little bit too much for me. The first colour doesn’t have glitter and that’s one of the only colours in this palette. The third colour has glitter, but only a little bit. The third colour is my favourite colour of this palette. I thought the last colour was grey, but it isn’t. This colour is pretty much black and I don’t like that. When you apply the colour very light, then you can call it grey, but mostly you apply the eyeshadow very heavy.  



The last colours of this palette. These colours look pretty much the same as the four other colours above. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of these four colours. The first two colours are beautiful, very light and perfect for a pale skin, but the two last colours are a bit too dark. Because of this, your eyes won’t stand out as much as they can and with these colours your skin looks even more pale.


Now about the brush. The brush is a long brush with two different sides. The first side is the brush you see on the picture above. With this brush you can apply the colour very ‘light’. Also this brush doesn’t get dirty fast, because you can easily bump it out.


This is the other side of the brush. With this brush you can apply the eyeshadow thick. I’m not a fan of that. but for the ones who love that, then the brush is perfect. You really need to clean this brush with a make-up remover, because you can’t just bump it out.

I give this palette a  8/10.  Not the best pigment, but it has a lot of colours and two brushes to choose from.


What do you think of this palette and which palette would you recommend? 


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