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My first unboxing! After two years, I finally received a nice box to unbox. This box is a lifestyle and health box with six nice products in it!

The Lifestylebox costs 15.95 euro. A good price for a box like this, but it needs to contain nice things. The box promises that the value of the products is higher than the price of the box.


The first product I saw was this bottle. This bottle is from the Body and Gymshop. A simple bottle, but pretty handy for the sportschool or for me, for dancing. The only thing I don’t like about the bottle is the big text on the side of the bottle. The text is the website of the company, but yeah, you need to ignore that somehow.toothbrush

Next I saw these mini toothbrushes. The Rolly is a little throw-away toothbrush which you can bring in your bag. You don’t need any water or toothpaste. It’s like a piece of gum. A good replacement for a gum or mint.


I almost forgot this Alpro shake. I put it in the refrigerator, because I wanted it to be really cold. Really smart Celine!


This nailpolish is pretty special. This is a nailpolish from the Kardashians. The nailpolish is available in twenty different colours, is longlasting and is shiny. This nailpolish is like a topcoat which you put over another layer of nailpolish. Soon you will see a review about this nailpolish!


I love W7. I ones won a palette of this brand and since then I fell in love with this brand. This fruity Lip Bomb takes care of your lips and gives them a pretty shine. This Lip Bomb smells so good, if I could I would smell the Lip Bomb every hour of the day. You will see a review of this product also.


As last I saw this canvas bag. I’m really in love with the text and I’m really going to use this bag. This bag is great for shopping or for the gym.

As last I wanted to calculate the value of this box. The bidon costs €3,90. The Rolly brush costs €3,95. The Alpro shake costs 1,59 euro The Khroma nailpolish costs three euros and the W7 Lip Bomb costs four euros. As last we have the canvas bag, the bag will cost around 8.95. Then I come on a total of €25,39, so that’s €26.

What do you think of The Lifestylebox?

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