Trying out Kids products // Casuelle palette

I’ve got this product from a long time ago. I have no idea where I have bought this one, but it is definitely meant for kids. This palette exists out of 48 different colors. A beautiful palette when I look at it now, but is it really that beautiful? Is there really such a different between ‘adult’ products and kids products?

The palette


Pfoe! So many colors! I can definitely say there are some beautiful colors in the palette. I won’t wear that fast coloured eyeshadow to school or somewhere else, but for my blog it is really nice. I thought it was so awesome to make an eye look with these amazing colors.


I see immediately a black color in the palette. Well, I am definitely not going to use those. The last time it didn’t went that well. I know what to do with these bright colors and I am definitely going to use them.


You definitely see that this palette is meant for kids. I don’t see many adults walking around with these colors, but some woman can definitely rock these colors ;).

The swatches


Here are the 48 swatches. As you can see, the pigmentation is not that amazing. I had to do a lot of effort to show you the colors and sometimes this didn’t even work for me. Sometimes you see a hole between the swatches, but believe me, there are definitely colors between them.


The swatches didn’t fit on one arm. Then on a second arm right? Well, that didn’t fit as well. I needed to remove the other swatches, so I could put the other swatches on it. As you can see the dark colors aren’t that dark. I can make an eye look from it maybe.. But I am not going to try this.


The last couple of colors. These colors are the worse of all. I needed to do a lot of effort to put these colors on my arm and that was really hard as well.

The eye look


Wow! I can’t wait until I get to show you this look! I used black eyeshadow around my eyes and under my eyes the colors of the palette. I used a wet brush to apply the eyeshadow, so it looks like the eyeshadow is paint.


This way of applying eyeshadow is totally different of course. I am definitely going to use this way more often, because I have the idea this is more beautiful and way easier.






My eye color looks so beautiful in this picture. The colors fit really good with my eyes. I think I am going to wear purple eyeshadow more often.



What do you think of this eye look and what do you think of this palette? I am really happy with this palette and except for the bad pigmentation, it is a really beautiful palette!


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