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I’m a little bit flabbergasted of all the events what happened the past week. These events are horrible, but we aren’t allowed to forget the events in Paris, Ankara and the many other countries.

Why can’t people leave eachother alone? When everyone just mind their own business and just live in peace, then life is much more beautiful right? You can have alot of life experience, but even then you can’t understand the things what happened the last weeks and years. .

There were alot of terrorist attacks in Brussels the past week, but why? What is the reason for those attacks and what is the reason for that reason. Why are there wars and why are there people having arguments? This is probably our insticts, our true self, we will never understand it.

You can’t feel safe anywhere. Can’t it be just like a movie. where everything is beautiful and peaceful? Why is this world so fucked up and do people need to hurt eachother and give eachother pain?

When there is peace everywhere, then people can live in their own countries. the country where they feel home. The country where they were born. Then refugees didn’t exist and then we never heard of that word.

Because all of the events people are aware of how important family and friends are and that everything can be over in one hit. That you need to love the people who you love and that you don’t have to make an argument with that person. Door alle gebeurtenissen begint iedereen zich meer te beseffen hoe belangrijk familie en vrienden zijn en dat alles zo in een klap over kan zijn. Dat je moet houden van de personen van wie je houdt en vooral geen ruzie moet maken met diegene.

I’m so confused, I don’t know it anymore.

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