To the boys who want to wear make-up


Imagine. You want to feel better, you want to feel confident. You want to hide that little spot or you just want to wear make-up. Why are boys not allowed to? There are a lot of boys who don’t want to wear make-up of course, but there will be boys who definitely want to wear make-up.

I sometimes question myself, what if boys want to wear make-up? Maybe this boy wants to hide a spot or maybe he is insecure about something. Isn’t he allowed to wear make-up then? I sometimes don’t really understand the privilege of women who are allowed to wear make-up. Why are these women allowed and the men not? I don’t say this is prohibited, but when you wear make-up as a guy then you get laughed at (most of the time!).

Imagine, you are really insecure about something. That weird spot on your skin or something. As a boy you are too scared to wear make-up, because you get laughed at. Of course there are boys here who don’t laugh about this and think this is a really normal case.

When I see a boy with really bright make-up then I will look a bit, but will I judge him? No, of course not. When he feels good with make-up, why not? When you love make-up a lot and when you can’t live about? How would you feel? When you get laughed at, because you wear make-up.

The same story for the boys who just want to wear make-up, because they like it. I see enough Youtubers who give make-up tutorials and they look amazing as well. Why get these guys laguhed at because they wear make-up?

It would be so awesome if there comes a moment, when boys just can wear make-up. Maybe just some concealer or everything they want. Your gender can’t decide whether you are allowed to wear make-up or not.

I would love to know what you guys think about this subject.


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