Three things

Three things tag. I have never heard of it. That’s the reason why I wanted to write about it.


Three things in my bag
♥ Phone
♥ Lipsticks
♥ Books

Three things on my desk

To be honest, the only thing I see on my desk is troop..
♥ Papers
♥ Troop
♥ And.. Troop.


Three favourite furniture in my house
♥ My closet ofcourse, there is where I can find my clothes.
♥ My bed, I think you know the reason already
♥ The drawers in my closet. that’s where I can find my make-up

Three favourite fruits
♥ Banana
♥ Kiwi
♥ Melon

Nog meer vragen

Three blogs I visit daily

To be honest, I barely visit blogs..
♥ I only look on bloglovin for blogs
♥ Nothing..
♥ And yeah.. My own, to look if it is still online

Three songs I can’t get out of my head
♥ If I could fly – One Direction
♥ Money – 5sos
♥ Hey angel – One Direction

Three things I think of right now
♥ “Fast, finish this blog article, you need to dance soon!”
♥ “I’m hungry..”
♥ “I want to sleep..”


Three bloggers with a nice personality
♥ All bloggers in the whatsapp group where I’m in. I can’t choose!

Three favourite sports (Nice question for the non-sporters…)
♥ Dance
♥ Fitness
♥ Challenges. 30 day abs challenge etc.

Three things where I get happy of
♥ My friends
♥ Sleep

Three favourite quotes
♥ Stay happy, not crappy. Life is a bitch, don’t quit.
♥ Good, better, best. Never let it rest.
♥ Do something beautiful. People may imitate it.

Three holiday destinations(Dream, dream, dream)
♥ America
♥ China
♥ Japan

Three things I want to do this year
♥ Finish school
♥ Go on vacation
♥ Enjoy

What do you think of this tag?



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