The nicest gifts for everyone

I love little things you can keep and presents. Yesterday it was mothers day and I couldn’t help to take some nice things for my sweet mom. I also got something for myself. I love cute little things so much.

Ballerina jewelry holder

Not so long ago I stopped dancing, but I still think dancing is really amazing. This ballerina jewelry holder is really amazing. I am not sure yet if I am going to put jewelry on it because I think it is already amazing without jewelry. I was struggling with the holder a lot, but finally, I have fixed it. You need to put the holder and the ballerina together and you need a lot of patience and violence to do this. The magnet also stood the wrong way, so that’s the reason as well.

Mini cutting boards

Aren’t these mini cutting boards amazing? They are so mini and super cute for tapas. You can get two from every kind and that’s exactly enough for different recipes. These boards are super nice to eat your dinner on. I can also recommend these for beautiful product pictures.

Chef challenge

Don’t you have the inspiration to cook? Then this chef challenge is perfect! With this challenge, you can get nice recipes every day. You don’t have to make new recipes each day. You can cook new recipes every two days for example. Then it becomes a sixty days challenge 😉

I am so in love with this LOOQS bottle with infuser. I think everyone came across this amazing bottle on Instagram for example. You can put different kinds of fruit in this and they are also super healthy. I never drink a lot of water, but with this bottle, you are going to drink way more. It is delicious to put all kinds of fruit in this bottle. This way you have a super healthy and nice drink every day.

I have received these nice products from They are super nice and I am super happy with all these products.

Which of the four presents do you like the most? 

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