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Nicest bikini trends of 2019 | You should own these!

A few more months and then the summer will finally be here! That, of course, means it’s time to buy a bikini. This year there are a lot of new bikinis on trend. Curious to the nicest bikini trends of 2019? Then read this blog!

Dark green bikinis

Bikini trends van 2019

Left: Seafolly Triangle bikini top of the Bijenkorf. Right: Zaful Knotted Color Bandeau Bikini.

Dark green bikinis are back in fashion. You should definitely have this army green bikini in your closet. This color really suits every skin type!

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Bikini trends of 2019 like the bohemian Bikini

Left: Cyell Halter Bikinitop van de Bijenkorf. Right: Leaf Print Bikini van Zaful.

How nice are these bikinis? They are really cheerful and you will certainly get a real summer feeling from this! The Cyell bikinis of the Bijenkorf (left), for example, are always very cheerful.

Animal prints

Bikini trends van 2019

Left: Leopard Print Bikini. Right: Prima Donna Bikini’s van de Bijenkorf

Who doesn’t love animal prints? Animal prints already come back in our coats, bags and even pants, but now it also comes back in our bikinis! This is one of the nicest bikini trends of 2019! I definitely want to have a bikini with a leopard print.


Left: Chantelle Bikini of the Bijenkorf. Right: Barbados triangle bikini top of the Bijenkorf.

How cool are these bikinis with laces? Sometimes it’s a bit tricky when you want to sunbathe, but they are completely on trend! These bikinis can be found in different colors and you will find a bikini like this in every store!

Bikini trends of 2019 like monokini’s

Don’t you like bikinis? Then a monokini is definitely something for you! This is a combination of a bathing suit and a bikini. It is actually a bathing suit with a cut-out side or, for example, a bathing suit with a connection only in the middle. These monokinis are also completely on trend!

White bikinis

Left: TOMMY HILFIGER Triangle bikini top with a logo of the Bijenkorf. Right: TOMMY HILFIGER halter bikini top of the Bijenkorf.

White bikinis are really easy to find and they are completely on trend! Think of white lace bikini tops, or for example flowers on your bikini top. Everyone definitely needs a beautiful white bikini! What do you think of the Tommy Hilfiger bikinis above, for example?

The color yellow

Bikini trends van 2019

Left: Yellow flower Bikini of Shein (I have bought this one!). Right: BAKU Roccoco triangle top with cups of the Bijenkorf. 

At the moment I already have one like this in my closet .. A bikini in the color yellow! This bikini is really cheerful and fits every skin type! I will post a review of this bikini soon!

The nicest bikini trends of 2019 like knotted bikinis

Bikini trends van 2019

Left: Banana Moon Sunrib bikini top with knotted detail of the Bijenkorf. Right: SEAFOLLY Bikini top with knotted detail of the Bijenkorf.

I actually combine two trends in one, because my yellow bikini is also knotted! These knotted bikinis are completely on trend and fit every figure.

Which of the bikini trends of 2019 do you like the most?


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