The nice sides of a company


A while ago I wrote about companies who never reply back on their e-mails and the bad sides of a blogger. Of course, there are nice sides of a company (and nice sides of a blogger!) too.

A personal e-mail

First of all, you have companies who write really personal e-mails to bloggers.  They first study your blog, before they send an e-mail. I’ve received a couple of these e-mails and I really see companies put effort to e-mail me. Not those companies who e-mail me like ‘Hey Celine’ or ‘Hey Selien’.. Come on, when you look on my look for like two seconds then you immediately see what my name is. It’s not that difficult to just look on someone’s blog what someone’s name is and where he or she blogs about.

I really love it to receive those personal e-mails and especially of companies who really fit with my blog.

A fast payment and reply

You have those companies who pay super fast and especially reply fast. Those companies who reply in 15 minutes and even with a long e-mail. When I notice that the company has put a lot of effort in the e-mail (so not those automatic e-mails!), then I think this company is so amazing.

While I have a collaboration with a company, I can have questions of course. I really love it to receive an answer in a couple of minutes. I can continue work then and I don’t have to stop working. Most of the time if I continue writing an article, then it takes more than 30 minutes before I know where I started.

After I’m done with a collaboration and you have made an advertorial or another kind of article where you get paid for, then you would really like a fast payment. First you need to fill in an invoice and after that you don’t have to do anything to receive your payment. There are companies who need to get remembered ten times before they make the payment. Fortunately, there are some cases who immediately make the payment and those are the nice sides of a company.

A nice company

You have those companies who get angry after I refused someone. Fortunately, you have those companies who still stay nice. Also after a question or after telling a budget, companies don’t become really nice. I understand that you’re searching for nice bloggers, but we don’t become nicer when you aren’t nice. I’m so happy with those companies who compliments me a lot or just stay nice.

Help when needed

You have those companies who collaborate with you and think ‘good luck with it!”. Fortunately, there are companies who help when needed. Think about giving extra information or to just read the article on faults. This doesn’t mean a company does everything for you. Just a bit help when needed.

I don’t have experienced more nice sides of a company, but maybe you did. Do you know more nice sides of a company?


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