The most valuable thing I learnt as a blogger

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A couple of weeks ago I filled in the how am I as a blogger tag. In this tag there was a question ‘What’s the most valuable thing you learnt as a blogger?’. I thought this question was very interesting and that’s why I want to write an article about it, because I have a lot to say about this subject.

The most valuable thing I learnt as a blogger is that you need to stay yourself. On the internet there are a lot of people who have something negative to say about you. Sometimes I get negative comments aswell (not often fortunately) and I think that I don’t need to care about that. Everyone has an opinion and they are allowed to say their opinion. Although I think some people need to calm down a bit. With these negative comments you hurt people, even though people say it doesn’t.

A couple of weeks ago I was online on Facebook and I saw a girl who made a videoclip. In this clip she had a lot of fun and that was the goal of this clip. In the comments I saw a lot of negative comments. The comments were not just “feedback” comments, but comments which hurt the girl. About her clothing style, about the song itself of course, but also how she sang. Let the girl do what she want, if you don’t agree with that then just shut your mouth. Some people didn’t just post a negative comments, but they posted it on every single photo or video they saw of her. Do people like this? It’s not normal that people like it to hurt people and that they go viral aswell.

I don’t say you aren’t allowed to say your opinion, but you need to know where the boundary is. To post a negative comment under every single picture or video and to encourage your friends to post negative comments under these pictures aswell, that’s not normal right? Think before you do something and why. You can hurt people and let their self-confidence go down, do you want that or something? That they want to hurt theirself, because they got so many negative comments?


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