The five most read beauty articles of 2016

I’ve wrote a lot of beauty articles this year of course. What are the most read beauty articles in 2016? You read that in this article.

Review | Max & More Primer

Supposedly, my readers are real bargain-hunters. This primer only costs two euros and he works pretty well. I am very happy with this primer and you can definitely read that in this review.

Max & More primer


Review | Cheap Action Max & More palette

I think this palette is really pretty. Although I don’t use it that much, it is a real eye-catcher. Some of you didn’t think the pigmentation was that great, but I think it is pretty good and especially for the price of only two euros.

Review | Kylie Jenner Fake Lipgloss

I’ve bought this lipgloss on Aliexpress. Some girls said that this lipgloss could contain dangerous ingredients, so that’s why I am way more careful now. I have put this lipgloss in my stash and now I don’t touch it anymore ahah.

Why I don’t get the use of some make-up products

I thought it was amazing to write this article. So now and then it is amazing to put some sarcasm in articles and of course to talk about some things. In this article I wrote that I think some make-up products are really clumsy and I don’t understand them.

My lipstick stash | Swatches, photos &nd more

I’m pretty proud of this article. In this article I wrote about my lipstick stash. i know that many people have way bigger lipstick stashes, but I think mine is pretty big as well. My lipstick stash is way bigger now, so there will come an update online soon!

These are the most read beauty articles of 2016. What articles do you want to see in 2017?


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