The exams are coming!

Preparations… Preparations and more preparations. Starting 14 May, I need to make exams almost every day. I want to graduate of course and that’s the reason why I am going to blog less and schedule everything. Curious about all the changes? Then read this blog.


Instead of blogging four times a week, I am going to blog three times a week. Now you will probably think, why so much? Currently, I am writing this in January, so I am now starting with all the preparations. Besides that, I am going to gather a lot of guest bloggers, so I don’t have to write everything alone. You will also notice, that I will sometimes miss an article or that sometimes an article is only available in Dutch. I need to graduate and that’s why I am not going to spend much time on blogging.


Social media

Besides that, you won’t be seeing me much on social media. I can’t schedule any social media posts and I need to do this all by hand. For example, I need to put Instagram pictures online all by myself and I can’t do that in such a busy exam period. For Facebook, I am looking for a way to schedule everything and I hope I can do this with the plugin Yoast SEO pro, but maybe I can find a free plugin somewhere. If you want to stay up to date with all my articles, then you definitely have to follow me on Pinterest. You can also sign up for the newsletter below.

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For now just a little update. After my exams, I will give a big update and after my exams, I will blog four times a week again. I think this is super exciting, but I know if I prepare right, then I will definitely graduate.

Do you also need to do your exams and how do you prepare for that?


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