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Bloginspiration.. Mostly, it just stays away for a while, but my article almost comes online on time! Sometimes a little bit last-minute, but hey you don’t notice that ;). Today I have the bloginspiration tag for you!

♥ A lot of inspiration or do you have a writers- or bloggers block?

I have a bloggers block alot, but more about thinking about an article idea. When I know here I want to write about and what I want to write then it goes pretty fast. For example, when I received a product or when I bought something nice then I know where to write about, then I make a product about that.

♥ When the words don’t come out of your fingers; how do you feel then?

Sometimes I’m a little bit frustrated, but that doesn’t happen a lot. Mostly I just take a little break and go do something else. As example, do some homework or just go game. Fortunately, the words fly out of my fingers.

How do you stay focused while writing an article? 

I honestly have no idea. When I’m busy with something then I’m mostly focused, but if I need to start doing something, as example writing an article then it takes a while until I’m focused. I always make myself to do things and to write an article fast until I’m satified.

What brainstorm-technic is guaranteed for bloginspiration?

Mostly I just look around in some books. I find here ideas and then I make something totally different of it. Ideal for bloginspiration!


Does music helps you when you search bloginspiration?

Not really to be honest. I only get distracted of this and ofcourse that doesn’t help with finding inspiration.

Where do the best blogideas rise?

On school. When I’m in a lesson or when I’m suddenly bored then it is the best time to brainstorm about some blog ideas. Mostly I just stare outside or I stare to my paper and act like I’m pretty busy. The ideal way!

In what inspirational environment do you like to work?

I love to work in my bedroom. Not really inspirating, but it is always really silence there and then I can work for an article or for school.

Heb jij ook een ware ‘blogbijbel’ op je bureau staan voor als je het even niet weet?

I have an app ‘wunderlist’ what I use to save article ideas in. Mostly I forgot to check this app, but it is pretty much a blogbible. When I look at it for a while then it has hunderds of blog ideas where I can write an article about.

What bloggers inspire you?

Me as a blogger doesn’t really read blogs. I know that is really weird, but it is also really good to be original right? Mostly when bloggers say they don’t take ideas from other bloggers then they do it, even when they don’t know it.

What about other special inspirations sources?

My friends are real inspiration sources aswell. When they say something or when they are struggling with a problem then I write an article about that. Real inspiration sources!

How do you get inspirated?

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