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The best sun products for Summer

It is Summer and that’s why it is super important to take care of your skin. You can only do this with the best sun products. In this article, I will tell which sun products I use in Summer and which products I don’t recommend.

The best sun products

The best sun products

This suncream is very nice. It is a spray suncream which I normally don’t like, but this suncream is really an exception. Besides that, it doesn’t leave any stains and also lubricates very well. It is also very important that the suncream doesn’t stick and fortunately, it doesn’t stick. This suncream has factor 50, which I highly recommend with this hot weather. For a very small price, you have a very nice suncream.

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I have actually never used self-tanner, but I have read so much about this, so it was time to test some self-tanner. This self-tanner is from Ziaja and I have mixed feelings about it. On my arms, the self-tanner looks pretty good, but on my legs, it just looks very smudged. So if you only want to give your arms a nice tan, then this self-tanner is really a must, but on your legs, I don’t recommend using this self-tanner. Above you see two photos, the first without self-tanner and the second with self-tanner. As you can see, you see a slight difference when I have the self-tanner on. I must say that it is not very clear in the photo, but in reality, you can see it clearly.

Ziaja tinted cream

This is the product which is not good for light skin. It is a tinted cream and the color has to be “natural”. Well, unfortunately, this color is way too dark for me and I can’t wear this tinted cream. Unfortunately, because you can’t feel the cream on your face and when it is a bit hotter, you don’t sweat the cream off.

What do you think is really a must for the hot weather? 

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  • Reply Karolinka's Beauty blog

    I really don’t like Ziaja. This is one of the worst Polish brand I’ve ever used. I’m Polish and there’s a lot of better brands you should try out, if you would like to try some Polish products 🙂 If you want to know more, just check out my blogg. Today I’ve uploaded a review on pretty nice face wash gel from Tołpa. Tołpa is so, so good Polish brand. Also Miya cosmetics had really good skin care products 😀

    6 August 2018 at 16:29
    • Reply Celine Klooster

      I like Ziaja tho! But I will check out some other brands as well, thanks 🙂

      6 August 2018 at 16:53

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