The best places to visit in Rome

Last Christmas I went to Rome. A beautiful city and perfect for a city trip. At 7:00 in the morning I stepped in the plane and I had the whole Sunday in Rome. On the trip to Rome, a weird thing happened. There was a women who stood in the hallway while the plane was landing. Next she fell in her chair. A really nice trip.


First we needed to go an hour with the bus, but we arrived pretty fast in Rome. The first thing we did, was putting our suitcases in the apartment. We hired an apartment, so we first went to that. The apartment was super pretty and big. Perfect to sleep in it!


We immediately went to the city. Rome is seriously beautiful and you come across a lot of beautiful buildings. We walked into a street and came across a really big and beautiful building. You see a lot of beautiful and unknown buildings everywhere.


As you can see, the buildings aren’t only beautiful, but also the nature is beautiful. I came across these beautiful birds. I also have a tip for you when you go to Rome. When you go to Rome, wear some nice and cosy shoes. Fortunately, I wore cosy shoes and when I didn’t have those, then I was in huge pain. I walked a lot and after that day your feet really hurt.


The first day we went to Vatican city. This was behind our apartment and definitely a recommendation. That day the Pope would come, but we didn’t see him. When you walk to Vatican city, then you immediately walk in a really busy street, so don’t be scared by that.


Vatican city. You can’t say that this isn’t a beautiful building. You also can’t say that around this building aren’t many people. There stood a long queque in front of the building. It is nothing for me to stood hours in an queque, so I’ve skipped that. Well, I really enjoyed this beautiful building and the beautiful surroundings.


When you go to Rome with Christmas, then you can expect that there is a Christmas feeling. Of course, you can’t expect that everywhere. Still, there weren’t many Christmas decorations. Well, you can’t say there were many lights. With exception to the nativity scene and the Christmas tree, there weren’t many big christmas decorations.


It is definitely a recommendation to visit Vatican city. Yes, there are a lot of people, but the square is pretty big, so you don’t notice the many people. You can stand free everywhere and you can see everything as well.


It is a big recommendation to visit a couple of churches. On the outside, this church looked really small, but really big from the inside. I first thought that this church was literally nothing, but from the inside it looked literally beautiful. The entrance for most churches is free, so that is a relief for the wallet.


As last we came across the Pantheon. A beautiful church, but on that moment we didn’t know that. We went back on another day and the entrance is free. Definitely worth a visit.

Did you go to Rome once or do you want to visit Rome?  


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