The annoying thing about a dry skin & What do I do against this?

I have a dry skin and believe me, that is just super annoying. It is so hard to buy makeup and then I didn’t even talk about the annoying feeling I have literally every day. People with a dry skin will definitely recognize themselves in this article, because yeah.. It is just super annoying.


Applying, applying and more applying. Nothing actually helps. I have used so many products and I have never found a cheap but also amazing product. I have ordered a couple more products and I hope I will receive these soon. Still, I can’t wait to find the perfect product.


It is so annoying to have a dry skin. For example, when I wear foundation, then you see this through the foundation. Seriously, every little piece of skin. Next, when I apply a thick layer of cream on my face, then my skin stays dry and then my skin suddenly gets a pimple or something like that. I really can’t do anything to get a nice skin.


A while ago I have tried a therapy for my skin. Unfortunately, this therapy didn’t work that well and I thought this was really bad, to be honest. I really hoped that this therapy would magically make my skin look flawless again, but this dream didn’t come true. After a failed try, people recommended me to try the body cream on my face. Unfortunately, I am not the person who keeps up with all the rules, but I kept up with the therapy pretty well. After a week or two, my skin became way softer and I am super happy with that. No, my dry skin didn’t disappear magically, but I don’t think any product can do this. Still, my skin became way softer from this therapy.

Do you also have a dry skin?


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