The advantages of wearing no make-up (with a little sarcasm!)

I often talk about the amazing products and the make-up I love to wear. Of course, I sometimes don’t wear make-up (weekend yay!). For example, at the moment, I blog in my pyjama, with a messy bun and no make-up on (bloggers life!). There are of course a lot of advantages of wearing make-up and I often show these on my blog. There are also a lot of advantages of wearing no make-up and someone who looked on my blog showed me that.

Saving time

No shit sherlock. Of course, you save time when you don’t wear any make-up. Imagine, you have to hurry in the morning. I’m always that person who still wants to put on some make-up fast and I lose a lot of time with that. I never wear a lot of make-up to school and I think I do my make-up in around ten minutes. Those ten minutes can matter a lot. In these ten minutes you can see ten minutes of your favorite program, ten minutes extra sleep, ten minutes extra food and way more! I mean those ten minutes extra are a lot (damn it looks like this article is turning into a sarcasm article). Okay, let’s be honest. If you take a lot of time when you put on your make-up, then you will save a lot of time when you don’t wear any make-up. I don’t spend a lot of time on putting on my make-up, but there are a lot of girls who spend way more time than me.


You will never get stabbed in your eye with eyeliner

Hey, it’s true. I get stabbed by my eyeliner like every day. I’m that clumsy person, who thinks that the eyeliner is meant for my eye. I can’t live without eyeliner, but sometimes I have the tendency to throw the eyeliner out of the window and I hope that he will never come back.

Hot weather and make-up

Hey, what do you think of hot weather and make-up? Most of the time my make-up is all spread out or my make-up disappears out of nothing. So annoying that spread out make-up and especially when you want to hide a piece of your skin.

The rain

My biggest enemy. I just did my make-up and then mister rain thinks he can destroy my make-up. And well.. He succeeds in this most of the time. Then we aren’t talking about the fact that you need to walk with this make-up look all day.

Saving money

I almost forgot this. Do you know how many money you save when you don’t wear make-up?! You can buy so many stuff of this money. What do you think of that new camera you always wanted or that new iPhone 7?! Well.. That’s not gonna work out. I just think it’s fun to buy make-up..

Do you see the advantage of wearing no make-up?


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