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I’m a big lipstick addict, but I never heard of this tag. I searched on google for some nice and fun tags. Every lipstick addict needs to fill in this lipstick tag!

1. What was the first lipstick you ever owned?

The first lipstick I bought.. I wouldn’t know. When I was young (okay, I’m still young, but like really young) I wasn’t really addicted to lipsticks or other make-up products. I saw these old lipsticks laying in my room, I think those are one of the first lip products I ever bought.


2. Which lip product has been the biggest disappointment?

When a lip product is a big disappointment, then mostly I throw them away. Although, I still have a lip product which is a big disappointment for me. I couple of months ago I bought a MAC lipstick, but the lipstick is way too creamy. I feels like I wear a lipgloss and I don’t like lipglosses.

3. Which lipstick is your holy grail product?

My holy grail product.. I think that’s my Dark Deed MAC lipstick. This lipstick makes my outfit a bit cooler and I think this lipstick is pretty special.

4. Roughly how many lipsticks do you own?

I think I have around fourteen MAC lipsticks and ten other lipsticks. So I have 24 lipstick a total.

5. If you could only ever have 3 lip products for the rest of your life, which 3 would they be and why?

Earlier, I wrote a article about this.  I’m crazy of MAC lipsticks and I chose three favourite lipsticks out of all my MAC lipsticks.


6. Matte or glossy?

Matte for the win! I really hate the glossy lip products. Too sticky and my hair always stays on my lips because of these glossy products. Also, the glossy lip products don’t stay on your lips for long, and I hate putting lipsticks or lipglosses on again, I’m way too lazy for that.

7. Which is the most expensive lipstick you own?

My MAC lipsticks are the most expensive lipsticks I own. I have fourteen of them, with all the same price.

8. What is the cheapest lippie in your collection?

The cheapest lipstick I have in my collection are my Catrice lipsticks. They cost about four euros each, but they have a pretty good quality!


9. What is your favourite non lipstick lip product?

I think my lipbalm from W7. He smells so good and he is perfect for everything. It’s not sticky and it gives your lips the perfect hydration.

10. What non traditional lip colour would you love to see come into fashion?

Purple lipsticks! I think these lipsticks are gorgeous, but I don’t see anyone wearing these. Go wear them girls!

Now I really want to know, what’s your favourite lipstick? And are you someone who goes for budget or for non-budget?


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