Switch from Blogger to WordPress, why?


Probably a year ago, I switched from Blogger to WordPress. This seriously changed my blogger life, but why? I recommend everyone who now has his blog on Blogger to switch to WordPress.

♥ First, I’m going to mention all the thousand plugins which you get from WordPress. You can change everything in one simple step, as example your sidebar or other widgets. No html codes or other css codes anymore, just one click on the button!

♥ I know from the early days that I always wanted to change my menu, but I couldn’t. I always wanted a menu in a menu, but I couldn’t make it, because my blog was build with Blogger. I wasn’t the smartest with html etc (I really improved that tho!, so when you can’t handle html then it is really hard to make your theme look stunning. With WordPress(.org) it is really simple to make your menu and blog look stunning.

♥ A more beautiful lay-out. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to switch from Blogger to WordPress.  With Wordpress it’s much easier to make a pretty and clean lay-out. This is because of the tons plugins which I mentioned before. But also because of the tons tutorials which you can find on the internet.

♥ All information about plugins, themes, widgets and support are totally free! informatie over plugins, thema’s, widgets en ondersteuning zdijn helemaal gratis!

♥ There are more than 70.000 people who uses WordPress.

Okay, enough about all the benefits of WordPress(.org). Here a couple of warnings. I use so not This is a huge difference, because all the benefits I mentioned before aren’t included when you use You need to buy a hosting if you want to use, this isn’t free. This hosting can variate from 10 euros each month to about 25 euros each month. I think a hosting with domain is much prettierand looks much more profesional, but that’s my opinion.

If you want to switch from Blogger to WordPress, don’t forget to get more knowledge about switching from Blogger to WordPress. For me, it wasn’t really hard, but don’t forget that you need to make a whole new lay-out. Also, don’t forget to make a backup,   te maken, because when something goes wrong then you lose everything.

If you want to know more about my experiences then leave a comment below.

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