Super cheap fashionable clothes

Everyone knows sites like Aliexpress. I have found a site like that, but then with super nice clothes! These clothes are super cheap and also very beautiful. Today I will show you a nice shirt which I have received.


This is the shirt I have received from Tosave. I need to confess that this fabric doesn’t feel that nice. I always wear something else under the shirt, because it just feels horrible.

This shirt costs only five euros and that is very cheap. I think it is really nice to wear some black pants under this shirt. I first wanted to wear this shirt on some brown pants, but this didn’t look that pretty. The shirt doesn’t look cheap. I can also come across this shirt in the H&M for example (although it is pretty cheap there as well).

The clumsy thing of this shirt is that it is pretty tight at the shoulders. I think this is the meaning because it is an off shoulder top, but it just doesn’t feel nice. I think it is pretty tight because of the fabric as well. The fabric is really tight and that makes it on my shoulders even tighter.

I have received some super cute clothing, but that will come online soon. I thought it was better to put these two clothes in two different outfit posts. It was way too hot to dress up a lot of times. I have received this shirt from tosave, but this web shop also has another web shop called BeautyIn hair. Super cheap and also super nice!

What do you think of this shirt? 


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