Styletone ’01 + Extra!

I needed to wait a long time for my Styletone, but is was definitely worth it. I am super happy with this Styletone and it is perfect for my dry skin!

These are the things I got. I never got disappointed with a Styletone. In every Styletone are so many nice and cute things, there is never anything which I never use. All products are vegan, so that is great as well. Although I am not a vegan, it is still a nice idea. The name of this Styletone is Goal Digger. The name is pretty ironic, because I just bought a new lipstick with the name Goal Digger.

The first thing I came across, were this mascara and the brush. The mascara has a really simple package. I always say that I love black, but this package is too black.

This mascara is waterproof and it will magically capture your lash, lengthen it, leave it nourished and wrapped in a deep black colour. This mascara is gentle waterproof, which means it will work until you decide to dive into a swimming pool. But in return you get a more gentle formula that is not as damaging to your lashes and also not such a hassle to remove. Keep in mind that waterproof mascara’s need waterproof makeup removers.

I am definitely going to try this mascara and maybe there comes a review online as well. I was searching for a new mascara, so this mascara is great!

I was super happy when I came across this brush. I definitely want to expand my brush stash and I didn’t have this one yet!

This brush is called a Fan Brush. This brush is designed to apply highlighter or setting powder, but also works great for blush, bronzer or contouring. Any product that is pressed powder that you don’t want to apply too much of. This brush is from the brand Bellapierre.

Finally a brush where I can apply a nice small portion bronzer or highlighter with. There will probably be a review of this brush online later!

When I came across this lipgloss, I honestly thought ‘oh damn..’. As a clumsy girl, a lipgloss is not perfect for me. When I cycle through wind and storm, then all my hair goes in my face and next the lipgloss is literally everything.

This product has such a special story. The founder Brandi, was living in a shelter just one year before starting. She partnered up with one of the largest women’s organizations in Northern America to strengthen women and empower girls for a safe and equal future by donating a dollar for every product sold. This lipgloss is from the brand Evelyn Lona and is made from organic ingredients. Super cool! She uses ingredients as if it were your breakfast. Coffee in your mascara, green tea in your primer etc. This lipgloss contains coconut oil and shea butter. This product is 90% organic and is 98% natural.

Because of this lipgloss you also get healthy (okay, joke…) I think this is a really nice goal and the lipgloss isn’t sticky! Maybe I will use this lipgloss in my daily makeup care.

When I came across this product, I honestly didn’t know what it was. After reading the book, I figured out that this is a blush, but also a product for your lips!

This creamy lip & cheek stain is made from guava butter. The smell is really sweet and smells a bit like fruit. This stick is easy to wear and you can safely apply without a mirror on the go. The formula is incredibly soft and nourishing, but still gives a semi matte finish. It is 91% natural and contains shea butter, and no parabens or mineral oil.

Again an amazing product! I have the idea that I want to write a review about all the product. I still need to make a small selection.. 😉

I was very enthusiastic about this serum. The last time I have a very dry skin and this serum was very handy as well!

Figs & Rouge comes to rescue with their AM to PM serum. The serum provides you with immediate and long lasting hydration. It helps firm, lift and brighten your skin from AM to PM while providing a beautiful glow. Perfect for January and the months to come.

This serum is really weird tho. The serum that comes out the bottle, is super wattery. Still I will do this serum in my makeup bag.

The Styletone also contained these nice cards. The cards have a nice spot in my room now!


When you buy a three month subscription and then use the code celinegoals, then you get a beautybox worth of min 40 euros! This beautybox contains a complete look, for your eyes, lips and your face.

What do you think of this Styletone? 


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