Studying, studying and more studying


The test week almost begins for me. That means, I need to lock myself in the room every day, a couple a pens dead and I need to read the things I need to learn fast before I make my tests. My test week schedule is not the best. and because of that I don’t get happier.

As I already said, I need to learn a lot of things. To be honest, I get really stressed, but I always have a bit less pressure, because I planned all my articles for next week. I only need to promote my articles, but I’m probably not going to do that. I planned my socialmedia posts in for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and twitter on buffer, but unfortunately I can’t promote my articles on my Facebook Blogger Groups. In two weeks there comes a pretty amazing week, but I won’t tell more. 😉

Here a couple of good tips to make the best out of your test week or exam week.


♥ Make sure you have a good planner. I’ve downloaded this free printable and I’m going to plan in some things pretty soon. I write what day I have my tests and when I’m going to learn. For the new year I’m definitely going to use a planner where I can write all my homework and tests. Pretty handy and you never forget something anymore.

♥ Don’t skip things! I think this is the biggest tip I can give. Sometimes I planned things which I have on my planner, but then I just skip it for the next day. This causes way more stress and you can better finish everything early than late.

♥ As last I would recommend to make summaries. This sounds pretty logic, but I notice that a lot of people think like ‘Oh I don’t have to do this’ or that they are lazy. I learn a lot from these summaries and it’s pretty handy for later.

How do you handle these busy days?

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