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Last Monday I went to the UvA to study. I’m now in the fifth grade of vwo and that means it is time to look at some studies. Because of the bachelor day of the UvA I was very enthusiastic for this study, but too bad, it wasn’t worth it. Probably a lot of people can recognize themselves in my story who have chosen a study.

Bachelor day

Well, where do I need to start. On the bachelor I got an amazing view of the whole study. Don’t understand me wrong. For people who love tv and film, this study would be totally amazing. I only search for a writing part, journalism. I arrived on the UvA after walking 30 minutes from the trainstation and we got the same information what we got on the bachelor day. In my opinion this information was a bit incomplete.


Television and Film

After the information you could choose between two different courses. I first wanted to choose for television, to analyse the NOS journal, but that was already full and me and my brother got sent away. Finally we came across film, what was definitely my last choice. After a boring course at film I went full of courage to the course television. I expected that he would talk about a writing part behind television and that he would mention journalism a lot. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The same as the course film, we’ve analysed a television program. It was really nice to do, but in my opinion I didn’t get a nice view of the whole study. I tested a bit of the side of Media &nd Culture, but not the side of Media &nd information. I couldn’t do this unfortunately, because the day was already over.


On the end I asked one of the teachers how journalism works with the study. On the bachelor day they said that you can become a journalist with this study. He hesitated a lot with my question and I didn’t even get a nice answer back. He actually said that you could follow the master journalism with every study and that this study wasn’t really meant for this master.  On one side I don’t think this study fits with me, but on the other side it does. After that the teacher said that the master journalism was really selective. This was another thing where I got scared a bit of. When I for example choose a study and when I want to do a master journalism, then it is actually almost impossible. I have a blog of course, but that doesn’t say anything about this selection procedure. I am pretty curious how they select people for this master.

What am I going to do? Don’t ask me. I am definitely going to study another time at this study, but then the other side of Media &nd Information, maybe that is something for me. After that I am going to a bachelor day of the VU and I hope there is a really nice study at this university. I’ve heard that someone said that you can follow a bachelor journalism at the VU, but I don’t know if that is true. If you know a really nice study, then I would love to hear that. It is also really nice to hear what study you do, for ideas ;).


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