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Last weekend I bought a new pair of pants. For a while, I wanted long wide trousers with vertical stripes, but I couldn’t find any pants in the right size and length. Fortunately, I found it and I am very happy with it. These pants are perfect for a hot summer day when you prefer something flowy. Today I share with you one of my latest outfits with these cool striped pants.

Most women with a larger size hate the word plus size. I understand that very well because last year I wore size 46/48 (size 16/18) myself. If you have a larger size than size 42, the choices in stores become more and more limited.

Striped Pants

You see it everywhere on the street. Stripes are back again, as are the wide trousers. I always like to wear wide clothes and it also makes you optically slimmer and taller. I’m 1.80 meters and I don’t have to look taller, but it’s cool if you’re a bit shorter.

The complete outfit has been purchased at MsMode, this is a Dutch curvy store. The pants are black and have white vertical stripes. I wear these striped pants with a black blouse with a butterfly sleeve and a long oversized denim jacket. The pants are long enough for me and come to my ankles. I’m 1.80 meters and often pants are too short for me. These pants have a great length for me. If you are shorter, you can always shorten your pants. The pants fabric is thicker and feels slightly to stretch.

I like to buy my clothes at MsMode. In the weekend I also work as Curvy Fit Advisor at this store. I know by now quite a lot about the different curves and I like to advise others. The sizes at MsMode go from size 40 to 54. MsMode has stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain.

Curvy outfit

Striped pants

The striped pants are good in size. I wear these pants in a size 40 and it stays comfortable. I wear the blouse in a size 42. Because of my boobs, I need a larger size for my upper body. The jacket is still a remnant of the time that I was a lot heavier. This is in size 48 and is therefore nicely oversized now!

My name is Tessa van Verk, Communication student at Hogeschool Rotterdam and (food) blogger at Daily Inception.  Celine has asked me if I like to write about plus-size fashion on The Beautyboulevard. I think that’s a great fun of course. Would you like more articles about plus-size clothes or would you like to have a specific topic highlighted? Leave a comment below or send an email to Also, check out my portfolio.

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