So.. About my study choice

I am now in my senior year and that means I need to make a study choice. A difficult choice and I needed to visit a lot of study days to check out the studies. Curious about my study choice? Then check out this article.

About my study choice

This year I went to test study at communication and information studies and the study sounds so amazing to me. You can study journalistics after this and that sounds amazing to me. Besides that, I am going to test study in General Social Sciences and communication science. I don’t know if the first study sounds so amazing to me, but the second study sounds amazing to me. Probably it will be a battle between communication science and communication and information studies.

study choice

Communication and information studies

Communication and information studies sound so interesting to me because you can go study journalistic after that. With journalistic, you can go every way you want. Besides that, it is an English study, so you can collaborate together with international students. This sounds so amazing to me and although talking and studying in English is hard, I really like to do this. It sounds so amazing to get in touch with international students. A while ago I sat next to a French student and I think it is always very interesting to hear how it is in France and how it is as an international student. An English study sounds so amazing to me!

Have you ever heard of this study and how does this study sound like to you?

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*I recently did finish my exams. Want to know how that went? Then read my post about my exams. (They didn’t know that well.)


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