Six articles where I take you with me through South-England

England is a beautiful country. Not just a country, but a country with beautiful nature, beautiful buildings and way more. The last weeks I wrote articles where I literally took you around the South of England. I put these articles on one row, so you are sure you don’t miss an article.

I definitely enjoyed my trip through the South of England and I really recommend this. It is a completely different experience, than just staying on one place. This can be much fun of course, but this way you see way more. You can determine yourself how many days you want to stay on one place, but there are also organized trips through, for example the South of England. I hope I am allowed to enjoy this another time, but then in another country. You can see so many things of this country when you do this and it is almost a shame when you don’t do this. The nature in England really surprised me. When you think of England, you don’t think immediately of beautiful nature. I think about London and giant buildings.

Did you enjoy my articles of England as much as I did and would you like to see more of these articles?


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