Seven beauty hacks I don’t believe #2

You guys thought my last beauty hacks I don’t believe article was very nice and that’s why I have seven more beauty hacks I don’t believe. There are so many beauty hacks I don’t believe. Also curious which ones?

Sparkling water

Use sparkling water as a beauty treatment. Your skin will become more prettier with this sparkling water.

I don’t believe this to be honest. How can sparkling water make you skin look better? Water always makes my skin way more dry.

Baby powder mascara

Coat lashes in baby powder before mascara for instant volume.

I already imagine it.. You apply some baby powder on your lashes and then you need to sneeze. Bye powder. I prefer using a primer or something else like that.

Peanut butter

Eating a spoonful of peanut butter before bed helps you burn more calories while you sleep.

Iew. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter when you just have brushed your teeth? Well, maybe it can work, but I am not going to try that.

Unwanted hair

Get rid of unwanted hair anywhere! For 1 week, rub 2 tbsp of coffee grinds mixed with 1 tsp of baking soda. The baking soda intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root.  

Do you have leg hair you want to get rid of? Then you definitely need to use this mix. Well, I think we can better just shave our legs.


Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also prevents your muscles from getting fore. 

Yes, you stay hydrated when you eat a orange, but your muscles won’t feel better when you eat an orange. Muscles are muscles and tired is tired.

Dark circles

Use red lipstick to hide your dark circles. After this you use some concealer, so you can get rid of your dark circles. 

I think it can work with ladies with a dark skin. Probably my pale skin will look horrible when I use this tip. Also my concealer isn’t that great, so you will see that red lipstick on my skin. Red circles instead of dark circles.

Banana peel

Use a banana peel to improve your skin. Just rub a banana peel on your skin. 

There is he again! The banana peel. Believe it or not. When you rub this banana peel on your skin then you will get a beautiful skin!

Which beauty hacks don’t you believe? 


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