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Sandstone Fragrance-free Makeup | Event & Review

Friday I went to the Gezondheidsbeurs which was in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. On an invitation of Sandstone, I went to the beauty blogger event which was about their brand and skin allergies. Want to know more about this brand and their fragrance-free products? Then definitely take a look at this blog post.

During the event, I have learned so many new things about skin allergies and I’ll share with you the most important ones with you. But first, I want to tell you everything about Sandstone.

About Sandstone Fragrance-Free products

Sandstone is a Scandinavian band. The owner found this brand after he got a skin allergy and he found out that you are the cause of a skin allergy – later more about this. His daughters used a lot of makeup which was not allergen free and after his allergic reaction, he didn’t like this anymore. He threw away their makeup and bought them allergen-free makeup, but this was very expensive. He started thinking and found the solution, this is why he created his own brand, Sandstone in December 2016. An affordable fragrance-free and allergen-free brand.

Sandstone primer

Sandstone fragrance-free makeup

He started with creating a primer, this was the most important one because this is the first makeup you put on your skin. I got the primer and I can tell you it is a nice one. The primer is in a black bottle with a pump which gives you the amount you need. When you apply the primer on your skin, you won’t even notice it. And as you can see in the picture, you cannot see the primer after applying it. It doesn’t give an oily face, which is great.

Other Sandstone products

I also got four other nice products, an eye primer, two eyeshadows and a highlighter. I use an eye primer of Douglas Makeup, which is dry but works well. The eye primer of Sandstone is less dry and applies much better. The swatch is the third above, but you don’t see it, just as I wanted, an invisible primer. Your eyeshadow stays longer on your eyes, so that is great, it works.

The two stripes above are eyeshadow, a mate one, and a shiny one. On my arm, they are not very subtle, but you can apply it as thick as you want of course. I have applied the Red Clay 635 and the Creamy 247. I love the colors and the powder feels good. Next, to that, you can remove it underneath the shower, which is very easy.

At last the highlighter, this is the fourth swatch. The color I got is the Gold 508 and you can apply it as thick as you want. On the picture, you cannot see it very good, but my arm was a glittery mess. I would never apply it like that, but it is possible, in case you wanted to know. Also, this powder is very hard to remove in the shower.

Sandstone and me

I haven’t heard of the name Sandstone before, but I have to say that I like the products, they have great colors (and very very many colors) and they are easy to use. The prices are not very high, for example, a foundation is 30 euros.

Facts about skin allergies

  • You can create a skin allergy yourself, when you use an allergen to much, you can make it. Examples are perfume and sunblock.
  • An allergic reaction is visible after one or two days.
  • When you got an allergic reaction to Henna, it will get back when you use another allergen.
  • In Europe has 4,5% a perfume allergy and 10% get eczema of it.
  • 27% of the European people between 18 and 74 have a skin allergy.

How to prevent it?

  1. Do not use methylisothiazolinone (also known as mi)
  2. Do not use PPD, which is in black henna and black hair coloring
  3. Never spray perfume directly on the skin
  4. Don’t use perfume at little children
  5. Don’t use sunblock when it is not necessary

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What do you think of this event and the fragrance-free products? 


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