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Rose Gold Eye Set from Boozyshop | Review

I needed new brushes and actually mainly to make beautiful eye looks. This is the reason why I bought a new brush set consisting of 14 luxury brushes for the eyes. This Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set is beautiful and has a lot of beautiful brushes. Read on if you want to know where I got this brush set and whether they are actually good.

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

This is the brush set I bought. This set provides an extra luxurious makeup application experience and the brushes are also super soft. The brush set consists of 14 different brushes and you also get a beautiful rose gold pouch.

This Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set contains the following brushes:

  • 5050 Precision Shader
  • 5100 Short Shader
  • 5300 Angled Shader
  • 5600 Smudge
  • 5800 Pencil
  • 5900 Flat Definer
  • 6000 Blender
  • 6200 Pointed Blender (exclusive in this set)
  • 6500 Large Tapered Blender
  • 6700 Fluffy Blender
  • 7100 Eye Liner (exclusive in this set)
  • 7500 Cat Eye Liner
  • 8200 Brow Liner
  • 8300 Brow Highlighter (exclusive in this set)
  • Medium Pouch

The brushes of Boozy Cosmetics are hand-made and the hairs are super soft (yes, that’s right!).

This is what Boozyshop says about the Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set:


The brushes have luxury synthetic duo fibre hair and are especially designed to appy cream and powder products to the skin in a even way for an HD effect. The fibers are soft as silk and have a high durability. The fibres are anti bacterial and hypoallergen.


Massive wooden handle with a white high gloss lacquered finish.


Aluminum with a Rose Golden finish.

Well, it all sounds very nice. But of course, we want to know if it is actually true. I find it very nice that the brushes are not made of animal hair (I would never buy brushes made of animal hair). They are soft and good quality brushes and synthetic hair can be just as beautiful as animal hair (or even more beautiful!).

This is the pouch you get. A very nice pouch where you can easily store the brushes. The case weighs nothing, so it is really perfect to store the brushes and of course to take them somewhere.

However, the pouch smells very strongly to plastic. Unfortunately, this makes the brushes also smell very strongly of plastic and that is, of course, a major disadvantage. On the inside of the bag is also a small zipper where you can put some other stuff in. I don’t know what you can put in it, but it is of course very handy.

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

And these are the brushes of the Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set! They are really beautiful brushes and I really like the color combination. When I unpacked the brushes, they were all in plastic packaging. Handy, because then the brushes stay pretty.

Angled Shader

This is a shader brush with obliquely cut hair. This brush could also be a blending brush, since it is a nice soft brush that you can blend with. In addition to eyeshadow, you can also apply beautiful brow highlighter with this brush.

A handy brush especially to blend my eye look very precisely!


This brush is designed for blending eyeshadow in the crease. This brush can also be used for applying highlighter to the browbone. This brush has ultralight synthetic fibers of the highest quality specially designed for blending and fading eyeshadow in the crease.

Everyone needs a blender brush in his collection (and preferably several!). I use this brush every day and it is also very nice to use.

Brow liner

The Boozy Cosmetics Rose Golden 8200 Brow Liner has a wide and short bristel which takes care of precision and control to get your eyebrows in the perfect shape and fill them in.

A fine brush to work with. I usually use this brush when I use a powder to fill in my eyebrows.

Cat Eyeliner

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

This makeup brush is designed to create the perfect cat eye liner in 1 stroke! The brush is suited for powder, cream and liquid products along the lower and upper lashline.

I always use liquid eyeliner, so this brush, unfortunately, doesn’t come in handy.


Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold BoozyBrush 7100 Eye Liner features a soft, tapered tip perfect for smudging pencil eye liner or creating soft definition by using with eye shadow and smudging the upper and lower lash lines.

I usually don’t use this brush as an eyeliner brush, but I use it to create some extra detail in my eye look.

Large Tapered Blender

An eyeshadow brush for the perfect application and blending of eyeshadow in the arcade bow (crease) to bring depth to your eye look.

This brush looks a bit like the blender brush I mentioned earlier. That is why I haven’t used this brush yet.

Flat Definer

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

A Flat Definer is a handy brush for applying powder and gel products to the eyes. This brush has a thin flat brush and is ideal for a cut crease and shaping your eyebrows. This brush is only available in this set.

With this brush, I really want to make a cut crease! It is very useful for that.

Brow Highlighter

With this brush you can easily apply highlighter under your eyebrows.

With this brush, you really can’t apply highlighter under your eyebrows. The brush is really too big for that. That’s why I use it to blend my looks.

Fluffy Blender

This brush is designed to soften and blend your eyeshadow. The long soft hair and the tapered shape is perfect to fade and blend your eyeshadow.

This looks a bit like the blender brush that I had shown you before. A very nice brush to work with.

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Pencil Brush

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

This brush is designed for applying eyeshadow in the crease, the outer eye corner and for blending eyeliner on the lower and upper lash line. This brush is also well suited for applying and blending eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

Nice brush to apply some extra details!

Pointed Blender

Also a blender brush to blend.

I think this blender brush is just too big to blend. That’s why I use it as a normal blender brush.

Precision Shader

This brush is designed for precision and detail eyeshadow application for the perfect detail in your eyelook. You can accentuate your eyes with this brush by applying shadow in the inner corner and special highlights in your eyelook.
Handy brush to put some highlighter in the corner of your eyes. I usually use it for that.

Short Shader

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

A short Shader is the perfect brush for precision work on and around your eyes. This brush has a soft and accurate flat head, so you can easily apply concentrated color. This is only available in this set.

The flat head makes it really easy to apply a little bit of color.

The Smudge Brush of the Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set

This brush is designed to fade your eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline and can also be used to apply an intense line in the crease to create a cutcrease.

As Boozyshop says: this brush is really perfect to blend your eye pencil. I use it for that! I use this brush every day.

The brush set currently costs 39 euros. That means that you pay about 2.79 euro per brush, which is, of course, a bargain! In addition, the pouch that comes with it is also very beautiful. Definitely recommended. You can buy the brush set here.

What do you think of the Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Deluxe Eye Set?


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