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Review | You Had Me At Hello Colourpop

Addicted to Colourpop? No.. Today I have an amazing palette from Colourpop for you again. The palette called You Had Me At Hello! A beautiful palette with twelve different colors for a very little price. Curious about this palette? Then check out this blog.

You Had Me At Hello packaging

This is the packaging of the palette. I think the packaging is amazing and I actually love all the packaging of Colourpop. This packaging is a bit heavier than I think I love you, but that is because of the mirror. I will definitely use the mirror when I go on holidays.

These are the colors of the palette. Twelve beautiful colors. From left to right: The Knot, Moon Struck, Two Peas, Candygram, Winning Ticket, FBO, Look-See, Fool’s Rush, Pulling Strings, Want U Back, DTR and Sparks Fly. All colors are definitely colors I will use a lot.

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You Had Me At Hello

The color left above is a beautiful highlighter color and I have used that intensively. Besides that, the palette contains 6 shimmery colors and 6 matte colors. Really the perfect combination of shimmery and matte.

These are the swatches. On one way or another, I can’t make good swatches of this palette. Next time I will definitely try to use a brush. The colors are beautiful on my eyelid tho.


You Had Me At Hello

This is the look I have made with this palette and I am super proud of it! It is not perfect of course, but I am starting to improve making looks and taking pictures of it. I am now saving up for a new camera, so I hope that will improve this look even more.

The colors I’ve used are only from this palette. In my inner corner, I have used the highlight color called The Knot. Besides that, I have used Pulling Strings, Candygram, Moon Struck en Want U Back.

What do you think of You Had Me At Hello?


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