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I got this product in The Lifestylebox. A nice lipbalm which you can bring everywhere. There is one special thing about this lipbalm, if you want to know what, then read this article.

The LipBomb is a white lipbalm, which you can use for almost everything. The lipbalm is very nice to put under a lipstick, but also to wear it without lipstick. The weird thing about this lipbalm is that it’s not shiny. I really like this about the lipbomb, but I didn’t expect this. A lipbalm always gives a ugly shine and then it looks like you put a whole pot of vaseline on your lips.


I really like the box of the Lipbomb. Not too big, but also not too small, it’s impossible to lose it. He really looks like a make-up egg, but then made of plastic. It’s ideal to bring it in your bag or something like that. The balm is pretty big. If you want to apply the product with your fingers, then it is pretty handy, but when you want to do it fast, then the product is not only on your lips, but also on the area along your lips.

The only disavantage about this LipBomb is the taste/smell. The smell of the LipBomb is really strong, so now you taste the Lipbomb everytime you eat something. The smell is pretty nice, eally sweet and not too strong, but when you go to eat then your food tastes like this Lipbomb, not good.

What do you think about this Lipbomb?

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