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Toothbrushes which u can throw away? You all probably think, are toothbrushes related to beauty? Hey think about the perfect white teeth, that’s really pretty right? Today I review these toothbrushes you can throw away, I received these brushes in The Lifestylebox a while ago.

These small toothbrushes have a mint taste, what’s pretty normal for a toothbrush. This is not a normal toothbrush ofcourse, but a toothbrush which you can take when you travel by train for instance. As far as I know, Rolly only makes these toothbrushes and nothing else.

When I put this toothbrush in my mouth, I had the feeling I had a porcupine in my mouth. After a while, the toothbrush became a little bit softer and it pretty much flew in my mouth. As end result I got smooth teeth and ofcourse a really good taste of mint in my mouth. I think the taste is especially nice when you brush your teeth after a while.

All toothbrushes have beside of the box another box around it. It’s the same box as a acetaminophen, so you can put this mini toothbrush in your make-up bag, but also in a pocket of your bag. Oay attention: after you used the toothbrush, you need to throw this away, the same as chewing gum, so you really need a rubbish bun or something like that. Ofcourse, you can also put the mini toothbrush in the box again, but I don’t recommend that.

What do you think about these mini toothbrushes of Rolly?

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