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A photobook, probably you have never seen that on my blog. For a while, I was thinking about making a photobook, especially for the beautiful memories. I wanted to put a couple of pictures next to eachother from young to old or from the past to now. I already googled a bit, until I got an e-mail from Fotofabriek.


This photobook is a hardcover photoboek in A4 size. The perfect size, to put it on a cabinet. I could make the photobook with a special software. At the begin it was pretty difficult to figure out how the software works, but after a while it worked pretty well. You got some templates in the software, so you can easily put your photos in the photobook and you don’t have to make every photo on the right size. You can also add some text in this software and even other stamps or other things you want to add.

Now about the photobook itself. The photobook has, as I already said, an hardcover. Because of this hardcover you can let the photobook stand on your cabinet and it easily stays there. The pages are pretty strong, but that can also have a disavantage. You can’t easily bend the pages, so your pages are on the same height. This strong paper prevents the pages to have those ugly bends. It’s one or the other right? This photobook has 24 pages, enough to make a photobook like this, but I don’t know if it is enough to save all your holiday pictures in it. For 0,50 euros you can add one extra page and you can expand the photobook until 200 pages. u over het fotoboek zelf. Het fotoboek heeft, zoals ik al zei een hardcover. Hierdoor kan je eventueel het boek ook staand neerzetten en dan blijft hij ook makkelijk staan. De pagina’s sterk zijn erg


I give this photobook a 8/10. Especially because of the beautiful memories which are saved in the photobook. I can also look back in the photobook and get these memories back. This photobook costs 25 euro. I think that’s a pretty normal price, especially for the memories and the quality you get. Also a good thing about the photobook is that you can easily make the photobook, you need to figure it out a bit, but after that you got something back!

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