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I was always really curious for a Tangle Teezer. I heard a lot of positive stories and that’s the reason why I wanted to try this brush. Curious if I’m positive about this brush aswell?


Now let’s talk about the box and how the brush looks. The box is very pretty. Good packed and you see what the product is very good. Also the box is easy to open, instead of a box which is really hard to open, I hate that kind of box. I’m not a big fan of the colours from the brush. Orange/pink with yellow is not the best combination.

tangle teezer

The tangle Teezer brushes my hair very good. Ofcourse my hair gets really fluffy, because I have curly hair, but I think I have this with every brush. I need to get used to how you need to hold the brush, but how you need to hold the brush helps pretty good with brushing your hair. You don’t have to brush very hard to get rid of your knots, because this goes pretty easy and to be honest, I need that. Also sometimes the skin of my head is a bit irritated when I brush my hair, but with this it isn’t like that.


This is the other side of the brush. The brush has a bit of the look of a plastic brush and I don’t like that that much. The brush works pretty well, but the look of the brush doesn’t look that good. I think that is because of the use of the colours in this edition of the Tangle Teezer, I’m not a fan.

I give this Tangle Teezer a 8/10.  The look of the brush is not that pretty. The combination of pink/orange and yellow, I’m not a fan of that. Although the brush works pretty good. You can get through your knots pretty easy and my skin doesn’t get irritated.

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